Peter Web — Always Loves less travelled Path

Peter web is a well known person in webinar word..

Resigned from the job in a corporate hospital three years back to explore the world of webinar. Lot of titles & credits on his name- Author , Mentor , Consultant , Trainer….

Conducted more than 1000 live webinars .Trained more than 10,000 people .

Built a digital empire which values several crores. Qualified with two master degrees- MBA (Marketing) & LLM

What is the difference between digital marketing & webinar marketing?

“ Digital marketing is a vast subject that includes Social media marketing, Email marketing, Search Engine Marketing( SEM), Search Engine optimization( SEO)…so on.

Webinar marketing is the part of digital marketing . A successful webinar always happens with support of effective digital marketing . Right audience can be attracted to the webinar with the help of effective social media marketing. Example Facebook & Instagram advertisements .

Each webinar has its own purpose- Brand building, Lead generation , trust building , authority building , Product selling , Education”

What is the future of webinar ? Whether it will be replaced by Robots?

Peter laughed loudly . And started with a question.

“ Can you to attend a one webinar that will be conducted by a robot? Where is the emotional connect? People love to buy from people. The beauty of the webinar is its human connection. I never think Robot can do a successful webinar . It will end up with empty room”

“How you did you enter into the webinar world?”

“ I started my webinar journey in 2020. When I was working in hospital as a Clinical Research coordinator , I had to conduct webinars for course promotion. Due to pandemic outbreak, there was no other option to connect with the students. I tried several software platforms…Demio, Click meeting, Easy webinar, WebinarNinja…That was a big learning experience. How to market webinar ? How to target right audience ? How to conduct webinar?These all things were very challenging task. By the way of conducting webinars , the organization started several batches. When I learn more about benefit of webinar , My interest increased to know more about webinar. I resigned the job and started to create online course about webinar . Rest is known in public.

What about the future plans?

“ I would like to teach digital marketing for 1000 students for free of coast. The education system is slowly moving the skill oriented. Digital marketing skill accelerates self employment immensely .“ -Peter says.

The office assistance came into the room and informed that the studio is ready for live webinar. Peter said good bye & left for webinar .

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